Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
(R&TTE) Directive

Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

With the exception of a few categories of equipment, the R&TTE Directive applies to all equipment that uses the radio frequency spectrum. It also applies to all terminal equipment attached to public telecommunication networks.

Manufacturers of any product that uses radio frequencies, or is designed to interface with telecom networks, from mobile phone handsets to wireless modems to industrial control systems, needs to be aware of the requirements of the R&TTE Directive. They need to ensure that their products are compliant with the Directive and carry a valid CE Marking in order for them to be placed on the open market or into service within Europe.

R&TTE Directive Support from Beide (UK) Product Service Limited

With an increasingly large number of products and systems being placed on the market that use remote or wireless communication technology, the number of manufacturers who need to ensure that their designs comply with the R&TTE Directive is increasing. Even manufacturers who do not specialise in dedicated ‘telecoms’ products, but who use components such as wireless modems in their systems need to be aware of the R&TTE Directive requirements.

Beide (UK) Product Service Limited provides technical guidance and support to manufacturers whose products may fall within the scope of the R&TTE Directive. The level of support Beide (UK) Product Service Limited provides ranges from advice on the requirements of the Directive and how to ensure that they are met, to practical assistance with demonstrating product conformity. Individual support solutions are specifically tailored to individual client’s needs.

The activities Beide (UK) Product Service Limited undertakes on behalf of clients include:

  • Reviews of product designs to identify non-conformities to the R&TTE Directive
  • Field and laboratory based product testing to applicable European standards
  • Preparation of technical documentation to demonstrate conformity to the R&TTE Directive
  • Advice on statutory obligations, preparation of declarations, maintaining conformity and other compliance issues

Whatever clients' individual requirements, Beide (UK) Product Service Limited can provide a solution that meets their needs and budget.

Beide (UK) Product Service Limited R&TTE Directive Services

Some products that fall within the scope of the R&TTE Directive require assessment by an authorised third party before a claim of conformity is valid; specifically products that have not been designed or built to meet a European Harmonised Standard. Assessments are completed by Beide for the R&TTE Directive, which are appointed by the national governments of the European member states.

Beide (UK) Product Service Limited is the body for the R&TTE Directive and can conduct assessments on behalf of manufacturers. The assessment procedure is simple, cost effective and efficient. A successful assessment allows manufacturers to affix a valid CE Marking and place the applicable product on the market within Europe.

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