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Beide (UK) Product Service Limited

Beide(UK) Product Service Limited was founded in 2006, the registered address is in UK, the company set up with legal registration process and had independent legal person qualification, The main business include product testing and certification consulting, enterprise management consulting services.

Beide (Shenzhen) Product Service Limited belongs to Beide(UK) Product Service Limited as a subsidiary, the company set up in shenzhen in July 2006, registered capital is 3 million yuan.

The main business include electronic products, mechanical products, chemical products, toys, building materials, textiles, agricultural products, security products testing and certification consulting services, It is belongs to the third party independent inspection agency.

personnel structure

The company is made up by all kinds of talents, including undergraduates accounted for 70%. All of them have import and export commodity inspection and quarantine qualification and have rich experience in testing and product evaluation, who can provide customers with one-stop global authentication solution.


Our testing laboratory include: LVD laboratory, EMC laboratory, chemical laboratory, textile testing laboratory, battery testing laboratory, environmental reliability laboratory and so on. We have advanced testing equipment more than 200 units, which are sourced from teck, agilent, R/S, Germany and other international brand. The equipments put into use after approved by the national metrology institute. Our laboratory is under the guidance of United States UL, SIEMIC, Germany Rheinland certification authority agencies, setting up according to the CNAS-CL01:2006 (idtISO/IEC17025:2005) standards. We are committed to provide customers with fair, satisfied test data and comprehensive, integrated one-stop service.

Our product testing and certification business includes:
2. North America: UL、ETL、FDA、FCC、CSA、CEC energy efficiency、IC、ASTM、NOM,


Our History

Jul. 30, 2006

Shenzhen Beide Ectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen Nanshan
Dongfang xindi and engaged in the UL, GS, CE, FCC, CCC certification and advisory services.
Sep. 30, 2006- Set up safety laboratory.

Jul. 01, 2007

Moved to Nanshan Xiandaicheng, established the customer service center and technical support center.


May 01, 2008

Obtained relevant authorization of Taiwan UL, TUV,CSA, STC.

Sep. 17, 2009
renamed to Beide Product Service Limited, Newly increased testing business of Electronic products, mechanical products, chemical products, toys, building materials, agricultural products, security products.

May 10, 2013
Moved to Hourui 3rd Ind Zone, Xixiang, Bao'an Dist, planning to set up safty laboratory, EMC laboratory, chemical laboratory, environmental laboratory four function test center.

Jun. 01, 2013 Officially launched laboratory national accreditation(CNAS).

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